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Such as [email protected]

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  • Free Webmail Account
  • Unique & Custom Email Adresses
  • Free Domain Name
  • Sync Email Across all Devices
  • Free Domain Name
  • Auto-responders
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Personal Email Account
Free Domain Name
$ 1.99 /monthly
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    1 Account Included
    5 GB
    Built In
    Free Domain Name
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Business Email Account
More Storage + Free Domain
$ 3.99 /monthly
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    1 Account Included
    25 GB
    Built In
    Free Domain Name
G Suite vs Professional Email
G Suite Personal
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Business Email Address
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Custom Email Address
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Email Platform Google Free Webmail Free Webmail
Disk Space 30 GB 25 GB 5 GB
free Domain Name
Drive Google Drive
hot Webmail
POP & IMAP Access
TLS Support
Mobile App
Email Protection Google Protection
Add Multiple Accounts
Instant Messaging / Chat Google Hangouts

Why choose SafetyNames Professional Email?

Here are some of the main reasons why to go with SafetyNames for your email services.

Secure Email Storage

All of our email servers are set to the highest level of security to make sure your emails stay safe.

Anti-virus Protection

Easily add anti-virus protection plans to your email through our email security offerings.

Free Webmail & Calendar

Each account comes with a Free Webmail solution which can host your calendar and contact book.


Intuitive Webmail Account

All email accounts at SafetyNames recieve a free and intuitive Webmail account to manage and send emails online.

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Sync across all your devices

Take your email on the go! Add your email to your phone, tablet,computer and more to stay up to date on your email and calendars.

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Don't worry! You always have Premium Support

You never have to worry if you find setting up your professional email a bit difficult. Our support team is always here for any questions you have.

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Frequently Asked Email Questions

Here you can find some answers to our most asked questions.

What is a Professional / Custom Email?
  • Instead of using a or email address for your business or personal use, we give you the tools to use your own domain name for your email address.

    Example: If my name is John and my business is called RackNames, then I can setup a professional / custom email address such as [email protected]

How do I use my Professoinal Email's Webmail interface?
  • Accessing your webmail is easy! You will just login to and from there you will put in your email and password to access the webmail account.

    You can also add your email to your cell phone so that you have your email on the go.

How much email storage do I need?
  • If you are looking for a professional email just for your own name or small company, then the basic 2 GB package will be perfect for you. You can always upgrade in the future if needed.

    If your business has more than 1 employee and you need a few custom email addresses, then our enterprise email solution is right for you.

7 Day Money Back Guarentee?
  • YES, if you do not like the setup of your professional email, you can get a refund on the email hosting within 7 days of the purchase!

    We can not give a refund on the actual domain name, as we have to pay the domain registries upon the registration of the domain and they do not offer refunds.

What are the benefits of a domain-based Professional Email?
  • Domain-based email addresses, like [email protected], helps you look more professional and promotes your website and company.

    Domain-based email addresses also make individuals look more professional e.g. [email protected] /p>