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Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer
.net $15 $15 $15
.org $15 $15 $15
.info $16 $16 $16
.biz $15 $15 $15
$12 $3 $12 $12
$20 $5 $20 $20
$30 $12 $30 $30
" No items could be found matching the criteria "
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Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

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What is a domain name?
  • A domain name is the URL that you put into a browser to visit a specific website, such as or

    Domain Names can also be known as Website Names or a URL.

What can I do with a domain name?
  • A domain name gives you access to your own piece of the internet to either host a website or use for a professional email address.

    With a domain name you could setup an easy domain redirect, so that customers can find your personal page faster! eg could redirect to That way, someone can just type in rather than going to Yelp and trying to find you there.

How many domains can I own?
  • Owning domain names has no limits, so feel free to manage as many domain names as you wish! Our average customer usually registers 3 domain names per website.

    Owning a domain name is owning a piece of the internet, almost like Real Estate. Own your piece before someone else does!

What domain should I buy?
  • If you are having trouble coming up with domain name ideas, you can always type in your business idea into the domain search bar and useful available domain names will come back.

    Our domain name spinner is built into our domain search, so we can give you the best results possible for your new website name!